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    wheres my addons gone ? 
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    Hi Folks
    You helped me out last year when a faulty power supply bricked my DM500S, and told me how to Jtag it, which was fine.

    I had some problems last week , and I changed all the settings and reflashed loads of images, but couldnt get it to log on. ( it turns out the problem wasnt caused at my end :-( )

    What I found though, was that there is no way I can get a menu choice of addons anymore ?

    So I jtagged it again ( I had left the printer plug inside the box ) and still couldnt find addons.

    When I use Dcc (v2.96 ) and link up the DB and router, it tells me
    Telnet Connected
    FTP Connected
    Model DM500 detected.
    Autoconfig disabled!

    Bootmanager: not found.
    Is this a problem?

    I did mange to get it working with one image that had CCcam 2.2.1 at one stage, but for some reason it didnt have my favourite program listed ( even though I searched the same satellite each time )

    So I went back to a Pli image, but cant get it working again.

    On some images I tried installing CCcam by Telnet but that didnt seem to work, and it cant find anything on the web.

    Any ideas, and whats a solid image for a cloned DM500S ?

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    Re: wheres my addons gone ? 
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    Gemini images are good but use images with no time bomb,searsh the forum i have posted time bomb cheker,and your addons if you have addons if you have addons instaled press the green button and the pop up menu will show with addons,if not maybe image dont have addons installed to have more space on var.And the last,its no problem when use ddc to show that letter
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