Skype is a VoIP client that can be used inside Skype's network free of charge for Internet calls or outside Skype's network in order to call a usual phone by buying Skype credit.

Skype has become pretty fast one of the most popular VoIP clients around the world. Its market leader position is obvious since you can get from it high quality Internet calls. Since version two, Skype it is featuring the new video call functionality.

The video call has a good quality and I can say even better than the video call that you can usually make with an instant messaging client, such as Yahoo! Messenger or Microsoft Messenger.

Basically this program is a voice over Internet protocol client but it features pretty good instant messaging features. It has built in this kind of support. The thing that I like most about this functionality is the fact that it has these functions: the possibility of sending offline messages and the possibility to save a message archive. Another thing that works well is the file transfer support. The latest versions support by default encrypted transfer for both the conversations and the files.

The 'Preferences' panel is pretty well structured and you can change almost anything from there. The Privacy settings are very good and you can make sure no one disturbs you if you would like that. Those privacy settings are work very well for video calls too.

Pluses: you can call for free inside Skype's network, you can make high quality video and audio calls, it has built in a pretty good IM support with encryption support. If you want to call outside Skype's network to usual phones you can buy Skype credit in order to use this feature. These kind of calls are at a pretty good price. You have other fee based services that Skype can provide. Check your Web account in order to find more about these services.

Drawbacks / flaws:

In conclusion: Skype is a very good VoIP client that won't disappoint you with its features.


Publisher: Skype Technologies S.A.
OS Support: Mac PPC/Mac Intel/Mac OS X
Date added: 09/29/2006
Last Update: 07/27/2011



License: Freeware


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