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Default Re: Latest Version of DVB Viewer

August 02, 2013

Latest version: DVBViewer 5.2.7

Add: HbbTV: COM Interface to load customized websites via Plugin:
Interface: IHbbTV = interface(IDispatch)
Description: The IHbbTV interfaces allows to load and display HTML websites inside the DVBViewer.
Methods: procedure LoadInBrowser(const Url: WideString; IsHbbtv: WordBool); safecall;
Properties: property Available: WordBool;
property Visible: WordBool;
Change: MHEG-5: handling is now similar to HbbTV. You find a Mheg-Item inside the OSD Home-Menu which starts the MHEG window. OSD Close turns it off, which allows you to use the regular OSD even if MHEG is started.
Fix: HbbTV: HbbTV did not worked properly on several (e.g. virtual) machines, caused by timing related issues of webkit.
Add: HbbTV: AIT Parser now supports Simple application boundary descriptor
Add: HbbTV: Proxy can be used by a tweak
Fix: VirtualTreeview 5.0.1 used since screen reader support was broken
Fix: HbbTV: rewrite to avoid browser multithreading related problems
Add: HbbTV/MHEG5: Tweaks to disable both engines separately
Add: HbbTV/MHEG5: Zoom and stretch values in full screen mode are used for video display
Add: HbbTV/MHEG5: Can be disabled by a tweak
Fix: HbbTV: In passive mode the page is loaded only after the browser is opened and not automatically in background.
Removed: Exit Action (12294)
Add: HbbTV: Channel +/- does now simulate TAB resp. Shift+TAB key press for better handling of websites who do not work fine with cursor keys
Changed: OSD: Incremented revision number of the windowdef.xml
Add: Support for DVBSky DVB-T2/C hybrid tuner, no CI
Fix: HDHomeRun/Sundtek and other Network Devices devices now work again
Fix: Tuning with EMPIA based DVB-C USB devices if Force Auto-modulation is switched off.
Add: Support for multiple tbsCIapi.DLLs. If you use more than one CI in combination with more than one TBS card you should create additonal tbsCIapi's starting with tbsCIapi1.dll up to tbsCIapin.dll

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Default Re: Latest Version of DVB Viewer

DVBViewer package plugins v1.0.3 by AHMAD ALBAHETH

What is New?

1- osdskins named(Confluence-X) NEW ONE
2- Memory optimizer by ddv122 v2 update 
3- SoftCas for Plugins to work in MDPlugins folder
4- AudioRecording 4.0.2
5- VideoRecording 3.4
6-arabic language for DVBViewer 5.1.0
7- NWemu new version 1.0.9UPDATE 13/09/2013
also update the NW_SIDS For NWemu 17/9/2013
8- Plugins for Cccam & Newcamserver 
9- DVBViewer filter (DVBsource) to version 3.7.1

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Default Re: Latest Version of DVB Viewer

Originally Posted by aberdojde [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
DVBViewer package plugins v1.0.3 by AHMAD ALBAHETH

What is New?

1- osdskins named(Confluence-X) NEW ONE
2- Memory optimizer by ddv122 v2 update 
3- SoftCas for Plugins to work in MDPlugins folder
4- AudioRecording 4.0.2
5- VideoRecording 3.4
6-arabic language for DVBViewer 5.1.0
7- NWemu new version 1.0.9UPDATE 13/09/2013
also update the NW_SIDS For NWemu 17/9/2013
8- Plugins for Cccam & Newcamserver 
9- DVBViewer filter (DVBsource) to version 3.7.1
It's a very interesting package, but I think it's supposed to be placed in another thread -
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Default Re: Latest Version of DVB Viewer


DVBViewer Pro 5.2.9
In Memoriam - Lars Gehre

Add: Main Window: Resizing by dragging the edges keeps the aspect ratio of the video display area. Dragging the corners works as before.
Change: Main Window: The window sticks to the screen edges when it is resized with the mouse wheel.
Fix: Main and GUI Skin Window: Aero snap is prevented while resizing
Add: Main and GUI Skin Window: Snapping to the desktop edges under Windows Vista / 7, issues when moving the napped window are solved.
Add: GUI Skin Window: Resizing by dragging the lower right corner and holding the shift key down keeps the aspect ratio of the video display area. Dragging without shift key works as before.
Fix: GUI Skin Window: Resizing with the mouse wheel invisibly changed the size of the main window
Fix: DVBViewer Windows (general): Keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C etc. disabled using them for standard functions (Select All, Copy...) in focused input fields
Fix: Channel List: Auto-scroll did not work when expanding a node.
Fix: Channel Editor: The return key didn't start the search function.
Fix: Scanner: The scanner didn't read ATSC Clear QAM channels correctly, thus creating "Service ***" entries to which no EPG data could be assigned.
Fix: Timeshift: Timeshift files weren't written correctly after selection of ATSC subtitles
Fix: Timer Recordings Window: The Special Action -> Transponder Dump option didn't work.
Fix: Timer Recordings Window: An incomplete input in the start/end time fields disabled using most other control elements.
Add: Timer Recordings Window: Carry from minutes to hours and from hours to the date when exceeding 0 minutes/hours in the start/end time field.
Fix: Instance Management: Bug causing a resource leak under Windows 7 and preventing Tweaker.exe from detecting that DVBViewer Pro is running.
Fix: Instance Management: A second DVBViewer instance accessing the same configuration folder could be launched by using "as administrator".
Change: Browser: Enhanced default browser detection by using a new method (applies to EPG Internet search function and teletext URLs). A per-user browser selection now takes preference over global Windows settings.
Change: Database: dbconvert.exe isn't launched automatically anymore when DVBViewer is launched (only required when updating from DVBViewer Pro 4.3 or earlier, has to be performed manually now for converting the database to the new format).
Change: Teletext-Window: Start page input field for teletext search function removed (the start page can be selected directly as well).
Fix: Teletext-Window: The "Match whole word" option for the teletext search function was reversed (previously unchecked = whole word, now checked = whole word).
Fix: Setup: The setup.xml was written twice when DVBViewer was closed, causing the setup.bak to be a copy of the current instead of the previous setup.
Change: Setup: If an xml file can't be loaded because it is corrupted or not present, DVBViewer recreates it by copying the content of the according .bak file (if available).
Fix: KeyTool: Without a previously used key the key file selection was not displayed as intended
Update: Tweaker.exe to version 1.0.4
Update: DVBViewer Filter to version 3.8.0
Fix: Tweaks: The tweak that was supposed to let DVBViewer assume ISO 6937 character coding didn't work correctly.
Fix: EPG Character Set: Wrong EPG character set selection under certain circumstances.
Change: EPG Character Coding: The setup doesn't contain the file Huffman.dll anymore because it has been integrated in DVBViewer.
Fix: EPG Internet Search: The internet search in the EPG Window failed on some sites if the search item contained non-ASCII characters (e.g. umlauts). Please copy the new EPG_URLList.ini file from the installation directory to the configuration folder. It contains additional entries indicating if UTF-8 character coding must be applied for a site.
Fix: EPG Window: Numerous TV Guide issues fixed.
Fix: EPG Window: An incomplete time input in the time bar disabled using most other control elements.
Add: EPG Window: Carry from minutes to hours and from hours to the date when exceeding 0 minutes/hours in the time bar.
Fix: EPG Window: The date selection in the time bar was limited to 7 seven days ahead.
Fix: Hardware Options: If two or more equivalent free devices in the hardware list were set to "Preferred" DVBViewer selected the last instead the first one.
Fix: Hardware Options: Sorting the device list with drag & drop followed by OK/Apply caused a memory leak and possibly access violations.
Fix: Hardware Options: Canceling OK/Apply due to an ongoing recording caused a memory leak and possibly access violations.
Fix: Hardware Options: Useless "Rebuild Graph" on file playback after OK/Apply removed.
Add: Hardware Options: "Last Channel" is performed automatically if OK/Apply interrupts TV/Radio playback.
Fix: CI/CAM: Dynamic PMT changes of scrambled channels didn't work with Digital Devices cards
Fix: RTSP Device: A longer lasting RTSP tuning process could let the SAT>IP server stop the stream for other active RTSP devices in the same application because still alive messages were sent too late.
Fix: RTSP Device: Channel redirection didn't work as intended and caused an RTSP device to block for some time (only applies if the Recording Server is the RTSP server).
Change: RTSP Device: Code restructured in order to make it less error prone.
Add: Playback: Support for HEVC video. Requires DVBViewer Filter 3.8.0 and LAV Filters 0.59 or later.
Add: Playback: Support for AES3 audio. Requires DVBViewer Filter 3.8.0 and LAV Filters 0.58 or later.
Add: DirectX Options: HEVC decoder selection
Fix: Zoom: Under certain circumstances the video resolution was detected as 0 x 0 causing the View → Zoom 25%...200% functions in the context menu of the main window to set it to zero size.
Change: Picture in Picture: Code cleanup.
Fix: RDS: The accidental activation of RASS picture reception caused occasional beeps or saving of pictures in the configuration folder\images subdirectory when playing certain German radio stations.
Fix: VOD Source Filter: URL detection for Vimeo. Links work again.
Fix: Tweaks: Wrong default for "Use EVR Video Processor" option.
Fix: OSD Volume Bar: After 24 days without rebooting the PC the volume bar remained endlessly on screen.
Fix: OSD Help: The OSD menu timeout was unintentionally applied to the OSD help pages.
Fix: OSD Timeline: After entering a channel / favourite number the according channel entry wasn't marked / selected correctly in the OSD timeline.
Fix: OSD Menu: Moving the mouse within the video display area removed the focus from the currently selected OSD menu item, so OSD OK had to be pressed twice for selection.
Fix: OSD Default Skin: Dialogs didn't perform "page down" on first arrow down key press.
Fix: OSD Popup Windows: Closing DVBViewer with open OSD popup window (help or EPG details) caused an access violation.
Fix: Subtitles: Subtitles remained on screen when performing "Close Graph" while they were displayed.
Fix: Subtitles: Teletext subtitles didn't disappear immediately when switched off.
Fix: Digger Game: Small memory leak after the first level with enemies
Fix: HbbTV: Redirection of websites didn't work reliably
Fix: HbbTV: The AIT Parser didn't write the AIT links to the debug.log and COM DataManager.


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Default Re: Latest Version of DVB Viewer

DVBViewer Pro 5.3.0

April 26, 2014

Changelog DVBViewer Pro 5.3.0

Main Menu
Change: Menus: General restructuring of the DVBViewer Main Menu. Some menus and menu items were renamed and /or moved to another location. A new Playback Menu was added. The upper part of the Context Menu that appears after right-clicking the main window now exactly mirrors the main menu structure.
Change: Main Menu: Former DVBViewer Menu renamed to TV/Radio. All items that are not TV/Radio related (like "Open Media File") were moved to the new Playback Menu (see below).
Change: Main Menu: Former Channel Menu renamed to Favourites. It only contains favourites now (if present). Other items like "Channel List", "Channel Editor" etc.were moved to the TV/Radio Menu (see above), the Channel Auto Update option to Settings -> Options -> TV/Radio.
Add: Main Menu: New Playback Menu containing playback-related items formerly residing in the DVBViewer Menu and other locations.
Change: Main Menu: DVD submenu removed. Items like "Stop", "Fast Forward", "Next" etc. are now available in the new Playback Menu and also apply to other playback types, not to DVD only.
Change: Main Menu: Playlist Submenu removed, Playlist menu item moved to the new Playback Menu, where it directly opens the Playlist Window. Its toolbar and context menu provide all functions of the former Playlist Submenu.
Change: Main Menu: "Close Graph" moved from View Menu to Playback Menu and renamed to the more comprehensible "Playback Off". The function now works as a toggle. If playback is already switched off, DVBViewer resumes playback of the last channel or file.
Change: Main Menu: "Rebuild Graph" moved from the View Menu to the Playback Menu and renamed to the more comprehensible "Rebuild Playback".
Add: Main Menu: Video Playback Off/On switch in the Playback Menu. Only applies to TV/Radio and file playback with DVBViewer Filter. Allows to disable video playback without stopping audio.
Change: Main Menu: View Menu reduced to user interface related items, thus conforming to the Windows standard. Playback related items were moved to the new Playback Menu (see above), TV/Radio related items like "Picture in Picture", "Mosaic View" and "CAM Menu" to the TV/Radio Menu. The Filters Submenu is now available in the Settings Menu.
Change: Main Menu: View -> Menu Bar and View -> Title Bar items reversed resp. renamed from Hide... to Show... for unification. The actions in the file actions.ini were renamed accordingly (ShowMenu, ShowTitlebar). The action numbers remained unchanged.
Fix: Main Menu: The View -> Show Titlebar setting was not saved when closing DVBViewer.
Fix: Main Menu: If the Recording Service reported an available CI module, the "CAM Menu" menu item was enabled for RTSP devices, though they do not provide such a menu.
Change: Main Menu: Playrate Submenu (only visible on playback without DVBViewer Filter) moved from the Settings Menu to the new Playback Menu.
Change: Playback: Graph building code restructured. Decoders are now connected directly to the output pins of source filters / splitters, thus preventing DirectShow's "Intelligent Connect" from occasionally replacing user-configured decoders by other components.
Fix: Playback: Audio playback tended to leak memory and to crash on stop if visualizations were active.
Fix: Playback: The Play/Pause/Stop Buttons appearing in the Radio Window status bar on audio file playback (if Option -> TV & Radio -> Hide video display area is switched on) didn't work correctly.
Add: Playback: If playback is already switched off, the Stop function generally resumes playback of the last channel or file, thus working as toggle. Please note: The function of the Stop button and menu item are configurable for file playback (see below)
Change: File Playback: Options -> Movies -> Playback stop action is now performed without a preceding "Playback Off", thus enabling more possibilities than before. The default is "Stop". "None" also triggers "Stop" (for compatibility). The former default "Last Channel" works as before.
Add: TV/Radio Playback: The stop function switches playback off/on in TV/Radio mode (previously inoperable).
Fix: File Playback: TS files without PAT/PMT (e.g. TechniSat receiver recordings) couldn't be played with the DVBViewer Filter.
Add: File Playback: The condition VC-1 (for VC-1 video) can be used in Auto B Conditions and Presets.
Fix: File Playback: Useless "Press 0 to start from the beginning" OSD message on audio track changes removed (only file playback without DVBViewer Filter affected if "Options -> Movies -> Resume and ask" is switched on).
Fix: File Playback: Video postprocessor filters inserted by filtergraph presets for displaying subtitles (like ffdshow subtitle filter or VSFilter AKA DirectVobSub) were not connected to the subtitle ouput pin of a splitter filter like LAV or Haali.
Add: File Playback: DVBViewer is now able to receive multiple files as commandline parameter (previously it only used the last one). Practically this feature enables to select several media files in the Windows Explorer and drag & drop them on the DVBViewer icon, thus activating playlist playback.
Fix: Stream Playback: Several issues in the Open URL window, particularly concerning the history list.
Fix: Stream Playback: DVBViewer ignored the DirectX user settings when building a filter graph for audio streaming sources (e.g. internet radio).
Change: Stream Playback: ShockWave rendering removed (introduced for streaming services that were hardly ever used).
Fix: Stream Playback: Wrong handling of the "Stream" condition in Auto A/B and preset conditions.
Fix: Stream Playback: Opening variable bitrate AAC or MP3 stream URLs could block DVBViewer for several minutes.
Fix: Stream Playback: Opening Windows Media stream URLs could cause filter graph building failure.
Fix: UPnP: Selecting an entry that lists hundreds of files in the Playback -> Open UPnP -> UPnP Select window could block the application for a long time.
Fix: CD Playback: Audio CD playback with the DVBViewer Filter didn't work, forcing DVBViewer to use an external CD source filter as fallback.
Fix: Playlist: Bug when writing M3U files, including the file Playlist.m3u in the configuration folder. All extended information (#EXTINF, e.g. the title) were omitted.
Recording & Timeshift
Change: Recorder Options: "Write extended log file" checkbox removed. DVBViewer now always writes an extended recording log.
Change: Recorder Options: "Instant Recording" settings removed (still available as tweak, see Tweaker.exe).
Change: Recorder Options: "Remove H.264/MPEG2 filler data" checkboxes replaced by a single "Remove video filler data" checkbox affecting both formats.
Change: Recorder Options: "Split file after.." setting removed (still available as tweak, see Tweaker.exe).
Add: Recorder: DVBViewer automatically splits a recording into pieces slightly smaller than 4GB if the file is written to a FAT32 formatted drive. So there is no need to use the "Split file after..." option for this purpose anymore.
Change: Recorder Options: Task Scheduler settings moved from Options -> Extended to Options -> Recorder -> Recording.
Fix: Scheduler: The internal task scheduler ignored auto-repeated recordings.
Change: Timer Recordings: Special Action sub-menu removed. The Transponder Dump option is now available in the Timer Action dropdown list.
Change: Timer Recordings: The "Recording Folder and Special Action" button now has a caption ("Folder") and directly opens the Recording Folder menu. The button is disabled for external recordings (executed by the Recording Service), or if no alternative recording directories are specified (see Options → Recorder).
Fix: Timer Recordings: DVBViewer didn't receive the "Transponder Dump" setting from the Recording Service.
Change: Recording Statistics: AV Control in the Recording and Device Statistics Window removed. The options are already covered by functions like "Stop", "Video Playback Off" or "Mute".
Fix: Recording: Setting an end time in the popup menu that appears after clicking the Record Button in the Main Window (if a recording is going on) did not immediately update the end time in the Recording Statistics and Timer Recordings windows.
Change:Timeshift: In case of a channel change "Options -> Recorder -> Timeshift -> Warning on timeshift termination" only takes effect if time-shifted playback is going on, not if a channel is played live, thus avoiding a confirmation dialog on each channel change if "Options -> Recorder -> Timeshift -> Start timeshift automatically" is switched on.
Change: Timeshift: The Stop function (button or menu item) first switches timeshift off if it is active. A warning is displayed (if enabled in the options), also in case of live playback. If timeshift is already switched off the Stop function switches playback off.
Change: Timeshift: The Play function (button or menu item) resumes timeshift playback, if paused (as before). If time-shifted playback is already going on, Play jumps to the live position (new). If live playback is going on Play jumps to the last time-shifted position or the beginning of the file, if there is no last position (new).
Fix: Hardware: Reading of an uninitialized memory area under certain circumstances when searching for a free device, yielding unpredictable results.
Fix: Hardware: Discontinuities with Digital Devices cards on overlapping recordings of the same channel.
Fix: Hardware:: Decryption of a scrambled channel by Digital Devices CI was stopped by switching to an unscrambled channel on the same transponder (thus spoiling an ongoing recording of the scrambled channel).
Fix: Hardware: Bug in DVBSky CI MMI handling (didn't take effect until now due to another bug in the DVBSky driver), unnecessary excessive logging when using DVBSky CI.
Change: Hardware: Support for Twinhan WDM drivers removed.


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Default Re: Latest Version of DVB Viewer

released the new DVBViewer Pro 5.3.2

Changelog DVBViewer Pro 5.3.2

Add: Playback: While the seek bar slider in the control bar is dragged with the mouse DVBViewer continuously shows the picture at the current position (only if a custom video renderer or overlay is used, not on DVD playback).

Add: Playback: "Show pictures while the seek bar slider is dragged" tweak (see Tweaker.exe, default on). Switching it off lets DVBViewer fall back to the seek bar handling of previous versions.

Change: Playback: In case of video playback without DVBViewer Filter (e.g. MKV or AVI) the "Fast Forward / Rewind" actions do not change the playback speed anymore (limited to a 0.25...2.00 range in forward direction), but perform fast consecutive forward and backward jumps, thus achieving a speed up to 32x in both direction. The playback speed can still be influenced via Menu -> Playback -> Play Rate or by assigning keys to the Speed Up / Down actions.

Add: Playback: Fast Forward / Rewind is now also available by right-clicking the << and >> buttons in the control bar. Please note that the "Replace dynamic jumps by fast forward/rewind" tweak (see Tweaker.exe), that generally exchanges the assignment of the Fast Forward / Rewind and Jump Plus / Minus actions to UI elements, also applies to left/right-clicking the control bar buttons.

Fix: Playback: Several seeking / position change issues, e.g. black screen on each position change with DVBViewer Filter and (non-custom) EVR video renderer.

Fix: Playback: Audio playback with the DVBViewer Filter could not be re-started after seeking / jumping in pause mode (timeshift also affected).

Add: Playback: .m4a and .ape added to the default audio file extensions.

Fix: DVD Playback. After reaching the beginning of a title with fast rewind DVBViewer didn't notice that the DVD navigator automatically switched to normal forward playback, which caused some confusion in the OSD and playback handling.

Fix: Playback: Wrong handling of the "Options -> Movies -> Action playback end -> None" setting, causing failure of subsequent play / pause actions.

Fix: Custom EVR: Measures against potential freezing and some audio/video sync problems (particularly when using the LAV Video Decoder).

Change: DirectX Options: "VSync by Aero" option removed. It didn't prove to be useful.

Add: DirectX Options: "Render late pictures" checkbox for EVR Custom Renderer (default off). It specifies whether the video renderer shall drop all pictures arriving too late (after their presentation time). Ticking this checkbox enables watching video that is decoded too slow due to high CPU load (e.g. HEVC UHDTV), but may let audio / video become asynchronous under certain circumstances.

Fix: D3D Engine: Delayed OSD and video area repaint, unnecessary CPU/GPU load when no video was playing or no OSD was displayed.

Fix: Main Window: Custom Renderer crash if the video display area was resized to zero. Now there is a minimum size of 160 x 90 pixel.

Fix: Main Window: Heavy video flickering when the main window was resized (Windows 7 with Aero and Windows 8 not affected).

Change: Main Window: Tool button icons in the control bar enlarged for better perceptibility.

Add: Main Window: Tweak "Allow Main Window Aero Snap" (see Tweaker.exe). Allows the Windows Aero Snap function to enlarge the DVBViewer main window when the mouse cursor touches the left, upper or right screen border while dragging the window title bar

Please note: Though several issues concerning the main window behavior in “Aero Snapped” state were fixed, malfunctioning in certain situations may still occur.

Fix: DVBViewer Windows: Several window handling related issues, particularly concerning the "Always on Top" main window setting, full screen on/off changes, dialog windows appearing behind other windows (making DVBViewer almost inoperable), video content remaining visible in other windows after full screen off (Windows 7 without Aero) etc.

Add: Main Window: "Bring open windows to the foreground" tweak (see Tweaker.exe). Decides if open DVBViewer windows are brought to the foreground on full screen on/off: 0=never, 1=on full screen off, 2=on full screen on, 3=always. The default is 3.

Fix: Picture in Picture: Closing PiP after using the swap function (swapping of the PiP and main channel by double-clicking the PiP area) in combination with certain plug-ins caused DVBViewer to crash.

Change: Subtitles: The Options -> EPG -> Subtitles -> Font selection now also takes effect on ATSC and ISDB subtitles (font name only, no other attributes).

Change: Streaming: Streaming framework for VOD Source Filter reworked, VOD Source Filter updated to version 2.2.1.

Add: HbbTV: "Use browser cache for HbbTV" tweak (see Tweaker.exe), switched on by default. Switching it off may be necessery to make ZDF HbbTV work.

Fix: HbbTV: HbbTV prevented the update of UI elements (e.g. enabled/disabled state), thus causing wrong display or functions to be unavailable.

Fix: HbbTV: An unnecessary stop command issued by broadcasters before delivering an MP4 stream could cause an unintended "stop timeshift?" warning despite live playback position.

Change: EPG: Optimization of EPG data import / export and epg.dat reading / writing. The old 1.8 format (used till DVBViewer 5.1) is not fully supported anymore, but can still be read (without some details like PDC, though). The DVBViewer GE epg.dat can now be read, but without ANSI -> UTF-8 conversion.

Fix: Data Base: A corrupted TVDatabase.db3 in the Configuration Folder\Database subdirectory could permanently disable all playback with the DVBViewer Filter (including TV/Radio). Now .db3 files that are recognized as corrupted are automatically renamed to .err, and a new (empty) .db3 file is created.

Fix: Playlist: The EndLess Playback option didn't work if the list contained only one item.

Fix: Playlist: Saving the playlist via COM interface didn't work.

Fix: Recorder: A prebooked program resp. "tune channel" timer didn't start in playback off state due to repeated access violations.

Fix: Recorder: Recording AC3 Audio originating from a Hauppauge HD PVR didn't work.

Add: Recorder: DVBViewer now sends additional timer data (Event ID, PDC, lead and follow-up time) to the Recording Service if an EPG entry is scheduled for recording, so that the PDC (Programme Delivery Control) options can be set in the RS Web Interface for these timers.

Change: Options Window: The window is now "non-modal", which means, the rest of DVBViewer remains accessible while it is open.

Change: Options Window: DVBViewer does not urge users anymore to download and install the DirectX 9 runtime library when a custom video renderer is selected. The dialogue prompting for installation only appears after a shader is selected in the Settings -> Shader sub-menu, because this is the only purpose the runtime library is needed for.

Add: API: Possibility to send command line parameters via the Recording Service to DVBViewer Pro, thus enabling remote control of DVBViewer clients. (RS API Wiki)

Fix: RTSP/IPTV Device: Long channel switching delays caused by wrong RTP sequence counter handling of some SAT>IP servers.

Fix: RTSP Device: Wrongly set thread priority ("lower than normal" instead of "highest") and potential buffer overflow.

Fix: RTSP Device: The multicast TTL, intended to be 5, was wrongly set to 1, affecting the visibility of search requests across sub-net boundaries.

Add: RTSP Device: Automatic detection of a changed server port (usually 554). Requires the "Automatic RTSP server IP:Port detection” tweak to be switched on (switched on by default, see Tweaker.exe).

Add: Hardware: Automatic detection of correct Pilot Symbols setting if DVB-S2 channels are received with Devolo dLan Sat network tuners.

Add: Hardware: Support for Hauppauge Colossus devices (similar to Hauppauge HD PVR).

Fix: Hardware: Glitches in streams provided via hardware encoder based devices like Hauppauge PVR.

Fix: Hardware: Under certain timing conditions tuning of an already tuned transponder (e. g. due to channel switching or another recording starting) could cause discontinuities in ongoing recordings of this transponder, if "Options -> Hardware -> Retune on missing stream..." was activated resp. set to a value greater than 0.

Updated: Hardware Database.
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Post Re: Latest Version of DVB Viewer

DVBViewer Pro 5.6.0

Please note: Despite careful testing it cannot be excluded that DVBViewer Pro 5.6.0 still contains bugs that may damage the channel or favorites list, due to major changes in the channel and favorites handling. So please backup the fileschannels.dat and favourites.xml that are located in the configuration folder (see DVBViewer help menu) before using this version.

Channel and Favorites Editor
Added: Channel Editor: Multi-Selection of items for functions like Export, Delete or Drag & Drop. More than one Item can be selected by using the mouse plus the Ctrl or Shift key or the cursor keys plus Shift. 
- In the channel list multi-selection is restricted to items belonging to the same level, so a selection cannot contain categories besides channels. Additionally the items (except root nodes) must be located in the same Video or Audio folder, so a selection cannot contain TV and Radio channels or items from different root folders.
- In the favorites list multi-selection is restricted to items of the same type, so a selection cannot contain categories and channels. However, a selection may contain channels from different levels, which means, channels outside and inside of categories.
Added: Channel Editor: Select All function in the context menu of the channel / favorites editor (Ctrl + A). It selects all siblings of the selected item with the same type on the same level. 
Added: Channel Editor: Cut, Copy and Paste functions for moving or copying (multi-)selected channel list or favorite items to another location. The functions are available in the context menu of the channel / favorites editor or by using the standard keys Ctrl + X/C/V. Please note that DVBViewer does not use the standard Windows clipboard in this case, but a file in the Windows temp folder that even survives a reboot. Cut, Copy and Paste may serve the following purpose:
- Moving channels or categories within the channel list or favorites list by using Cut and Paste (as keyboard substitute for drag & drop).
- Copying channels or categories from the channel list to the favorites list (as keyboard substitute for drag & drop).
- Copying channels or favorites from or to other DVBViewer instances resp. installations on the same PC (particularly DVBViewer GE). Please note that favorites can only be copied to favorite lists, not to channel lists.
- Copying scan results from the TransEdit Scanner Window to the DVBViewer channel list by using Copy to clipboard in the Scanner Window context menu or Ctrl + C. TransEdit exports a mixture of channels from different transponders as category folders and a mixture of TV and Radio channels as root folder, which are inserted as such (including their content, of course) in the DVBViewer channel list. Only channels of the same type (TV or Radio) from the same transponder (frequency) are copied as pure channels.
Please note the following restrictions:
- The favorites editor actively prevents duplicates, so it does not make sense to use Copy and Paste within the favorites. After drag & drop or copy & paste of channels to the favorites a message box informs about how many of the selected channels were rejected because they are already present in the favorites list.
- Favorites only work if they are also present in the channel list (the favorites list is a subset of the channel list), so it is no good idea to use Cut and Paste for moving channels from the channel list to the favorites. It may result in data loss since it is not possible to to move/copy channels from the favorites back to the channel list.
Added: Channel Editor: Sort Alphabetically function in the context menu of the channel editor (Ctrl + O). Sorts the categories contained in the selected video/audio folder or the channels contained in the selected category folder(s) in alphabetical order. Please note that this kind of sorting changes the channel list permanently, unlike the sort functions in the channel list (without editor) that only influence how the channel list is displayed.
Added: Channel Editor: Context sensitive help function for the different editor pages. Please use the question mark tool button or F1 to open the corresponding Wiki page in your browser.
Change: Channel Editor: The auto-expand delay for drag & drop has been increased from 1 to 2 seconds.
Added: Channel Editor: New Button on the channel data page. It opens a pop-up menu allowing to select the tuner type for new channel data that can be entered on a page where all parameters are blank resp. set to zero. 
Fix: Channel Editor: File names containing a dot were cut off at this position on export.
Change: Favorites Editor: New icons for the favorites indicating the tuner type (DVB-S/T/C) and if the channel is encrypted. Please note: A red cross indicates that no matching channel can be found for this favorite. Additionally it is disabled in the Favorite Menu and skipped on Favorite Plus/Minus. To make it work again such a favorite must be recreated, or the missing channel must be added again to the channel list.
The channel ID based assignment of favorites to channels is handled more strictly than before. A maximum of one deviating Channel ID attribute is accepted (and subsequently corrected). Otherwise the favorite is regarded as not assignable. However, a new internal favorite auto-update function continuously synchronizes the favorites with channel ID changes while DVBViewer is running. For example if a channel is renamed, the associated favorite is renamed in the same way. This measure avoids broken links between favorites and the corresponding channels.
Added: Favorites Editor: Delete All function in the context menu of the favorites editor (shortcut Ctrl + N). It deletes the whole favorites list after prompting for confirmation.
Reception Settings and Channel Search
Removed: Channel Editor: Satellite reception settings like DiSEqC, LOF and Tone cannot be set up per folder or channel anymore. They are only displayed as information on the channel data page. Please use the new Reception Settings page to configure reception of a satellite position (see below).
Added: Channel Editor: Clicking the gear wheel tool button opens a new Reception Settings page. The list on the left shows the available reception types (depending on the available tuner types). The list on the right shows the available transponder resp. frequency lists for the selected reception type. They are required for a channel search. 
The Update Button updates both lists after changes in the hardware configuration, channel list or the transponder list directory. The New DVB-S Button creates a new satellite reception type item. It becomes permanent after selecting a transponder list for it and performing a channel search. The Transponder List Directory link opens an Explorer window showing the files in the transponder list directory.
The settings section allows to change the name of the selected transponder list and to set up DiSEqC and the LNB type for satellite reception. Clicking Apply updates the selected transponder list and all channels belonging to the selected reception type accordingly. Additionally Apply creates a permanent link between the reception type and the transponder list so it only has to be set up once for a channel search.
Please note that each satellite position is regarded as a separate reception type. Internally it is identified by its orbital position originating from the transponder list that has been used for scanning. However, if channel list entries are very old or have been created by a scan without transponder list, no orbital position may be assigned to them. They will let a DVB-S 0 item appear in the reception type list. Please select a matching transponder list for this item and click Apply to prevent issues that may result from missing orbital position assignments.
Change: Channel Search: The Channel Search Window has been integrated in the Channel Editor. It does not lock the DVBViewer UI anymore, that now remains accessible while a channel search is going on. The scanner engine and UI has been adopted from the DVBViewer GE scanner, entailing several fixes and updates, including new options, correct handling of DVB-T2 transponders, scanning for DVB-T2 MPLP sub-streams with appropriate hardware (Digital Devices, DVBSky) and the possibility to scan DVB IPTV lists (as for T-Entertain, INI and M3U format supported). 
Please note that the new scanner engine does not support blind scans without transponder list anymore. A transponder list is now mandatory for scanning. If the Reception Settings Page does not offer a matching transponder list for your satellite position, or if it is outdated, please download an according INI file from one of the following web pages
and drag & drop it into the Transponder Lists field of the Reception Settings Page. This will store the file in the transponder list directory and make it available in the Transponder Lists list box.
Added: Channel Editor / Channel Search: Scan this Frequency (F10) item in the channel editor context menu. It is only available if the scanner page is visible, not scanning and a channel with a matching reception type is selected. The command sets the start transponder resp. frequency on the scanner page to the channel's transponder, thus enabling to scan it with Scan Frequency. 
General Channel Handling
Fix/Change: Channel Auto Update: The code has been reworked. Several bugs / inconsistencies particularly concerning the recorder have been fixed, e. g. the missing check for a wrong teletext PID or the missing UI update (in the channel list and channel editor).after channel data changes.
The recorder's auto-update activities do not depend anymore on at least one of the All Audio Tracks, DVB Subtitles and Auto-Split...
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