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Default Re: hi

hi stejay1, welcome on satlovers website,

Hope you will enjoy your stay, also that you will learn a lot thank's to this website.
Please don't forget to read the rules, thank you. Also don't post any thread about irdeto coding, this isn't allowed. Neather communication about dragon cam and t-rex.
Please do not copy & paste warez / cracks and old stuff from other boards !
Don't forget to use our established " THANKS " - button when you like to thank other member.
English is the main used and only allowed language in the most sections on the website.
There is a international discussion only section where you can communicate in other languages.
Also never put direct links to other websites in your posts. Ok to avoid direct link is for example : ****http//adress website
Please take the time to read all satlovers rules. Thank you

regards in name of the staff
Do not send me iptv/cline requests,

technical or iptv/cline server questions in PM!

I will not answer!
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